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So, What Exactly is the
Patented High Security Anti-Splash System?

Here's a Fact: Our Jail and Prison Personnel Face Constant Dangers Every Day!

Today's inmate and detainee population housed in our Jails, Prisons and Detention Centers are more violent than
ever before and present us with a whole new and dangerous working environment compared to years past.

Officers, Staff, Military Personnel and even Civilians fall victims to violent inmate/detainee assaults through the
common cell door food slots present in most of our Institutions today.

Inmates constantly abuse the security flaws inherent in standard cell door food passage openings.
They have become a favorite place for inmates to initiate their violent deviant behavior towards our
Staff members which often results in serious injury to our Personnel.

Assaults to Staff run the gamut from splashing with urine, feces, and biologically contaminated liquids,
to physically assaulting personnel with razors, shanks, and shives causing serious injury to personnel outside the cell.

That's all about to change!

For decades we've strived to protect our Law Enforcement Personnel with providing Police Officers
with Body Armor and Bullet Proof Vests, Military Personnel with Flak Jackets, and Defensive Equipment,
but when It came to our Correction Personnel working in some of the most dangerous Jails, Prisons,
Military Briggs, and Detention Facilities in the world, we basically armed them with little more than a
set of keys, a radio and their wits to deal with some of the most violent and toughest people on earth.

It's time we gave our Correction Personnel the protection they most desperately need and deserve to stay safe
in our Jails, Prisons, and Detention Centers. That's why the company ON THE GATE, LLC has developed
the Patented High Security Anti-Splash System, to accomplish this goal of
protecting our Correction and Military Personnel.

Years of Research & Development along with
Listening To Our Personnel In The Field.

For several years the members of ON THE GATE, LLC researched what was desperately needed to stop
personnel in Jail and Detention Facilities from getting assaulted by violent inmates through
those dangerous antiquated cell door food slots.

The culmination of years of listening to suggestions and recommendations from our men and women
who work in today's Jails, Prisons, Military Briggs, and Detentions Facilities, along with the testing
of various designs resulted in the development of the Patented High Security Anti-Splash System.

By replacing these common cell door food slots with a Patented High Security Anti-Splash System,
violent cell door food slot assaults against Staff and Personnel standing outside the cell
are virtually eliminated.

With the Patented High Security Anti-Splash System there's no need to get a new cell door because
the Anti-Splash System was developed to easily and quickly mount to existing cell door food slots.
Retrofitting an existing cell door food slot with a Patented High Security Anti-Splash System usually takes
less than 45 minutes using simple tools such as a drill, Tap, hammer and a screwdriver.

Saving Money While Keeping Our Personnel Safe!

Every administrator has budget concerns; That's why you'll be glad to know that the
Patented Anti-Splash System helps pay for itself:

It's a known fact to Administrators that assaults to Staff not only cause injuries to Staff and inmates,
but also costs money - Lots of money! Many times running well into the Six Figure range.
It's also a known fact that it's not if an assault will happen
it's When will the assault happen!

When an officer is assaulted through a standard cell door food slot, not only does it result in potential
serious injury to both Staff and inmate, but it can be a major financial outlay for
the Facility and Municipalities involved
By replacing an antiquated cell door food slot with a
Patented High Security Anti-Splash System,
Administrators will see money savings through

1. Reduced cost in overtime to replace injured Staff.

2. Reduced cost for medical treatment for both Staff and inmates.

3. Reduced cost in defending frivolous lawsuits initiated by inmates claiming injuries,
rights violations against Staff, Administrators and Municipalities.

4. Reduced cost in expensive investigations of assault incidents.

By replacing a standard cell door food slot with the Patented High Security Anti-Splash System,
assaults to personnel are virtually eliminated.
That's a Win-Win situation for both Administrators and Personnel.

Unique Features Available with the
Patented High Security Anti-Splash System

1) Constructed with highly tough and corrosion resistant 301 Stainless Steel,
and Super strong clear Polycarbonate.

2) Incorporates a fully removable Clear Lexan / Stainless Steel High Security Box system
that is fully interchangeable, and transferable from one cell to another cell that incorporates
the Anti-Splash System frame.

3) The design features a "Quick Attach/Detach" Anti-Splash Box to Frame mating system.
The Lexan (Polycarbonate) Box now incorporates a handle for ease of attachment and removal
from the Anti-Splash System Frame.

4) There is a major increase in the usable interior space of the Anti-Splash System Box without
a major increase in footprint size. This usable interior space greatly increases the functionality
and versatility of the Anti-Splash System unit allowing for easy passing of insulated food trays
and other large items through the cell door food slot.

5) The Frame that attaches to the cell door incorporates a "High Security - Anti Tamper"
Vertical Automatic Self-Rising Sliding Door (
Patented Reisen-Door) & Locking System
appropriate for high security inmate/detainee environments.

6) A new positive "Frame to Box Mating System" that creates a snug seal to minimize
any gaps between the Frame and Box. This prevents the splashing of liquids.

7) The Anti-Splash System features an Extremely Strong, batter resistant Polycarbonate
(Lexan) Clear Shell enabling personnel outside the cell to have an unobstructed view (280 Degrees)
inside the Anti-Splash Box interior.
It's a known fact to Law Enforcement and Correction Personnel:
"The more you can see the safer you'll be!"

8) The Anti-Splash System features the only Vertically automatically opening self-rising stainless-steel
sliding door (
Reisen-Door) which travels only 1/3 the distance to fully open or close as compared
to some competitors. This one of a kind automatic self-rising door enables one handed
operation by Staff while holding a food tray or other items in the other hand.

9) Installing the Anti-Splash System on a General Population cell door now turns that cell into a
multi classification housing cell now appropriate to house many different inmate classifications
such as:
Protective Custody, Administrative Segregation, Punitive Segregation,
Mental Observation, Medical Isolation,
General Population and more.

The ON THE GATE, LLC company is totally dedicated and committed to keeping our men and women who
work in our Jails, Briggs, Correctional and Detention facilities safe from assaults and physical harm.
Many of our staff members are retired from the Correction and Federal law enforcement field.
They have firsthand knowledge of what our people faced in todays Jails, Prisons, Briggs,
Detention and Correction Facilities today.

Protecting Those Men and Women That Protect Us.