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We're updating the site contents with additional information regarding the New Patented Anti-Splash System.

Please give us a call at: (718) 730-0058, and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the Patented Anti-Splash System and the benifits it will bring to your facility.

We'll also be happy to supply you with a written price quote for the Patented Anti-Splash System along with other Product information.
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In hundreds of Jails, Prisons and Detention centers throughout the United States the Patented Anti-Splash System is used to protect personnel from violent inmate assaults, while saving Administrators money by lowering budget expenditures.

Administrators see money savings through:

1. Reduced costs in overtime to replace injured staff.

2. Reduced costs in Medical treatment for staff and inmates.

3. Reduced costs in defending frivolous lawsuits initiated by inmates claiming injuries, rights violation, against staff, administration, and municipalities.

4. Reduced costs in expensive investigations of assault incidents.

Inmates constantly abuse the security flaws inherent in standard food passage openings, attacking personnel with hazardous bodily fluids, chemicals and physically assaulting personnel.

These assaults cause serious injuries to the personnel outside the cell.

By replacing these antiquated food slot openings with the Patented Anti-Splash System, serious injuries and dangerous scenarios involving personnel and inmates are virtually eliminated.

The Patented Anti-Splash System will easily retrofit existing cell door food slots.

Every Administrator has Budget Concerns, so you'll be glad to know that the Patented Anti-Splash System helps pay for itself!

By preventing just one inmate assault on staff the Patented Anti-Splash System will save Administrators thousands of dollars in Overtime, Medical Treatment, Investigations and potential Law Suits by inmates.

With over a 50 year service life, the Patented Anti-Splash System will save Administrators hundreds of thousands of dollars while creating a safer work environment for personnel.

~~~~~ That's a Win-Win situation for both ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Administrators and Personnel! ~~~~~~~

Protecting Those That Protect Us
Protecting Those That Protect Us