______ The Patented Anti-Splash System

The Patented Anti-Splash System (PASS) has been successfully incorporated in jails, prisons and detention centers throughout the United States.

Patented Anti-Splash System was designed to withstand the severest physical and environmental punishments common to jail and prison segregation units and high security settings.

On-The-Gate created the Patented Anti-Splash System to "Protect Those that Protect Us" with personnel safety in mind combining functionality with the highest level of security available.

Patented Anti-Splash System effectively protects personnel from direct contact with violent and destructive inmates.

The enhanced security and safety provided for personnel resulting from the use of the
Patented Anti-Splash System culminates in an additional benefit: SAVINGS!

Monetary Savings are achieved through:

1. Reduced expenditures in overtime to replace injured staff.

2. Reduced expenditures in Medical treatment for staff and inmates injuries resulting from staff and __inmate altercations.

3. Reduced expenditures in defending frivolous lawsuits initiated by inmates claiming injuries, rights __violation, etc. against staff, administration, and municipalities.

4. Reduced expenditures in expensive time consuming investigations of inmate / Staff assault incidents.

The Patented Anti-Splash System will safely and securely retrofit any existing cell door such as solid, semi-solid or with an existing food pass through hole.

Installation of the
Patented Anti-Splash System can be accomplished either by our highly trained technical staff, or if you prefer by your own appropriate maintenance personnel.

Patented Anti-Splash System can be used in jails, prisons and other security based institutions to allow for cuffing of violent and unruly inmates with minimum staff contact and when necessary aid in the dispersant of chemical agents into the cell to control violent inmates without jeopardizing staff safety or contaminating surrounding areas.

When the need for dispensing chemical agents arise a cell door that has the Patented Anti-Splash System installed can remain closed while gas agents are used. This feature virtually eliminates contamination of the surrounding area and nearby cells. (it also has a potent psychological effect on inmates to comply knowing that they have nowhere to go if gas is used).

The Patented Anti-Splash System also allows for the safe passage of medication, food, commissary, and other such items while limiting direct physical contact between inmates and personnel.

Troublesome prisoners are infamous for abusing the security flaws inherent in standard passage openings in cell doors by attacking personnel with bio hazard bodily fluids, commonly available chemicals (bleach, ammonia, etc.) or physically assaulting the personnel passing items to the inmate. These attacks by violent and unruly inmates can cause serious injuries and unnecessary dangers for the personnel outside the cell. By replacing the standard cell passage opening with our new Patented Anti-Splash System, potential injuries and dangerous scenarios are virtually eradicated.

When personnel are injured on the job, expenditures usually rise because of incurred overtime to replace the injured personnel and medical costs incurred by the injured personnel. The Patented Anti-Splash System saves money by reducing injuries to personnel by limiting the personnel's contact with violent and unruly inmates.

Defending frivolous law suits brought on by inmates alleging jail and prison personnel had used excessive force against them are costly occurrences municipalities face constantly. The Patented Anti-Splash System saves municipalities money by reducing frivolous law suits brought by inmates by limiting the personnel's physical contact with violent and unruly inmates.

The Patented Anti-Splash System's high security / anti-tamper locking system and vertically sliding metal frame door along with a hinged Lexan front door gives the correction officer, medical civilians, maintenance personnel and other authorized personnel total control of the passage way in detention doors and eliminates direct contact with violent and/or deviant inmates.
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